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Organizational Culture

organizational culture services

Impact Insights is a professional advisory firm specialized in improving corporate performance.

We offer tailored business solutions to our valued partners with the aim of enhancing their overall Corporate performance.
One of our main pillars is organizational culture and at Impact Insights, we recognize the importance of fostering a positive and productive work environment for the prosperity of every organization.

That's why we are dedicated to assisting corporates in enhancing their organizational culture through a comprehensive range of services and strategies.

Impact Insights boosts affiliations with renowned entities such as Thomas International Assessments, Zenithr, and Eunoia.”

Samples of our services

Thomas international assessments

Using psychometric assessments, this type of assessments used to evaluate various psychological traits of individuals.
By applying tests and questionnaires which provide valuable insights into an individual's psychological profile and abilities to be able to take science-based decisions in recruitment, career development, etc.


AI employee experience platform with an AI approach that covers all employee life cycle based on scientific theories & leading practices that help in switching employees’ thoughts and feedback into action plans to build a healthier workplace, increase performance, and encourage innovation.


provides organizations with a detailed quantitative analysis of their culture and their leadership capabilities.
this tool believes that every person is unique and explains organizational performance at four levels: conceptual, motivational, behavioral, and performance. This in-depth analysis helps organizations to understand their strengths and areas of improvement, and to make informed decisions to enhance their performance.

Assessment center

Assessment center evaluate individuals' skills, abilities, and competencies to determine their suitability for a particular job or role. They typically involve a series of standardized exercises, tests, and interviews designed to simulate real-world work scenarios and assess a range of competencies such as problem-solving, decision-making, communication, leadership, etc.

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