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Today’s Culture Affects Tomorrow’s Performance

What we do in Culture?

Knowing your company’s culture teaches you about the work environment you provide for your employees, how you engage them , how they take decisions..etc. To enhance that culture, you need to understand your existing culture. A complete view of an existing culture can help support your accomplishment of organizational missions and goals.

Having a culture that attracts high-talented and highly engaged teams can lead to
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Higher revenue
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increase in revenue growth
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Greater profitability
At impact Insights we help you to gain deep accurate insights on your organizational culture

AI employee experience

  • Employee experience is an approach that focuses on employees’ experiential needs. It turns their thoughts and feedback into action plans to build a healthier work culture, increase business performance, and foster innovation.

Leadership Capacity Building and Organizational Culture assessment

We supports in building a supportive culture in which individual performance is maximized and the whole organization is aligned to its strategy. We view organizational behavior as the outcome of a hidden cultural dynamics; we assess organizational culture complexity behind the displayed behavior to generate a thorough organizational culture profiling report that allows leaders to effectively lead the change, develop their organizations, and maintain an advantageous position in the market.

Psychometric Assessments & Assessment centers

  • Assessment and Development centers are professional exercises designed to assess an individual’s skills, fitment and developmental needs in an organization. Make smarter recruitment and development decisions, and predict which candidates are most likely to be successful in a role and your company.

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