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If your goal is to make accurate hiring and promotion decisions while minimizing adverse impact

Assessment Center

Is a very powerful way to engage leaders with a breakthrough experience and get them excited about their own development.

When Should You Use an Assessment Center?

High-potential programs

If you’re looking to provide a distinct program for your top talent, an assessment center can be an extraordinary moment in a leader’s career.

Development Center

Some organizations have found it valuable to use a day-in-the-life approach for incumbent leaders in need of additional development in their current roles.

Succession Planning

Simulations help determine readiness for the next level and pinpoint what gaps need to be addressed to accelerate


Hiring or promotion

Immersive simulations can be used for both external hires and internal promotion decisions. 

With success partner, on the cutting edge of the assessment solutions industry since 1984, helped more than 100,000 companies improve the lives and productivity of their employees

Provides us with two perspectives to understand the people we work with:

It explores their behavioral style (HOW they prefer to behave and communicate).

As well as their personal motivators (WHY they move into action).