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loss of real opportunities because of poor data centralization and management.

The Customer Business

The customer is a leading professional training provider with more than 100 products and provides its services in more than 6 countries.

Challenge Description

“We have many of channels and sources which generate leads data, have critical issues related to the process of managing, collecting, monitoring these data, besides that no accurate insights about these channels, also haven’t insights about the opportunities of every channel, we even don’t have the indicators that validate if the right employee received these opportunities and took an action or not.
Need insights to help us to put the right investment in the right channel and stop losing leads and opportunities.”

The solutions

After diagnosis, the customer suffers from a data leak, unmanaged data flow, bad processes and there are no indicators to monitor the process and keep it on track.

So we provided the following: 

to ensure high-quality data collection

design and implement a model for data sourcing.
developing solutions to centralize the data flow from all the channels and sources.

to keep the data flow managed and controlled

process reengineering for related processes.
implementing the new process on the systems.

  • to give our customer the needed insights
    design and implement an analytics model that generates insights based on the customer objectives.
  • we have designed and developed dashboards to visualize the insights.

The Result

The client controls the flow of the potential client’s data and
the percentage of opportunities has increased and thanks to the Dashboard he has the indicators that give him insights about the
data sources and the ROI of each source and keep it under monitoring.

Sample of Deliverables

Does your business suffer data leak, you haven't indicators that make you sure about this?

We're ready to help, let's do it